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Corporate Guidelines

If you are supplying to LINPAC Packaging you can download a copy of our branding guidelines here…….

Packaging Federation – The UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry

A brief for MPs and Peers Our industry employs some 85,000 people in the UK – representing 3% of the UK manufacturing industry workforce – and has sales in excess of £10 Billion… Download the pdf

Incpen – Packaging Essential Requirements Regulations

These notes have been produced by LACORS and INCPEN to aid businesses and local trading standards authorities. Their purpose is to offer preliminary guidance on complying with the new.

Packaging Federation – The Paradox of Packaging

It has to be said, packaging gets a lot of bad press. Whether it’s plastic bags at
supermarkets or over-packaged items using an array of plastic and cardboard, most people have a pet hate linked to packaging.

Advisory Committee on Packaging – Packaging in Perspective

This publication has been produced to provide facts about the much discussed subject of packaging recovery and recycling. It aims to provide the public and others with an outline of what the UK has achieved and what is being done. It is not generally recognised that businesses.

How is Plastic Recycled

On arrival at the recycling plant plastic materials are sorted to type and colour and depending upon the condition of the material it is then either dry granulated, or washed and granulated to remove any labelling or residue product. Download this document to see how we should recycle our plastic.

Incpen – Carbon Footprinting and Lifecycle Assessment

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) quantifies the environmental burdens associated with a product, process or activity over its entire lifecycle, from production of the raw materials to disposal at end of life

Incpen – Environmental Impact of Packaging in the UK Food Supply System

Packaging for food and drink is used to make sure the contents get from the farm or the sea to people’s plates in good condition. It is just one part of the food supply system and cannot be considered in isolation. Over two thirds of packaging is used for food but.

Incpen – Excessive Packaging

Packaging ensures that people can buy and use products when they want them, in good condition and with little wastage. However, many people think there is too much of it. Everybody has a view on what’s excessive.

Incpen – Litter fact sheet

Litter is any waste in the wrong place. Individuals create litter through thoughtless or anti-social behaviour. Only individuals can therefore prevent it.